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Plushusene are the modern way of living in the future. We have taken the best elements of traditional co-housing schemes and combined them with the modern resident’s need for freedom, space and individual requirements.
This page in English represents an extract of our concept. Further information is available on the Danish pages

Plushusene represent the multi-generational co-living of the future

As a resident of Plushusene, you will experience quality of life and joie de vivre. We achieve this by creating peace of mind, close relationships and a sense of belonging across generations.

A permanent community coordinator at each site helps to plan communal activities, support initiatives developed by residents and organise events that suit your interests as well as those of others in your co-living space.

Both the shared indoor and outdoor areas are attractive and designed for homely communal dining, relaxation, creative pursuits, physical exercise and cultivation of a kitchen garden. If you should need a helping hand, we offer the option of purchasing services such as cleaning and window cleaning.

A shared budget and environmental considerations also form part of life in Plushusene where communal tools, car sharing and a library as well as the use of green energy are just some of the elements on offer.
Plushusene are certified to the DGNB sustainability standard at gold level.

In Plushusene, you rent your own modern, maintenance-free terraced house or apartment in a location that is close to town, close to public transport, close to shopping facilities, close to schools and set in scenic surroundings.

"Our rented accommodation concept is based on the latest co-living trends and requirements, and our aim is to create co-living spaces in which residents experience an increased quality of life in an active everyday environment. A home that you cannot see yourself ever leaving again”.

Martin Kring CEO, Plushusene

The Communal House – the big plus

The Communal House serves as a unifying meeting place for all residents and will be a strong social platform. Here you have the opportunity to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee in the lounge or have a chat with your neighbours or participate in communal dining in the dining hall.

Depending on the options offered by the specific site, the Communal House will also include a fitness room, multi-purpose room for ball games, dancing and cinema, children’s play cave, workshop, studio, guest rooms etc.
Facilities that provide excellent opportunities for co-living activities and clubs.

The community coordinator of Plushusene ensures a full programme of activities at all times.

Green outdoor spaces

One of the unique aspects of Plushusene is that we invest in inspiring outdoor spaces. Depending on the options offered by the specific site – communal outdoor areas will include green yard areas with herbaceous perennials, grass and trees, playgrounds, tables/benches, kitchen gardens and an orangery. The caretaker of Plushusene manages the maintenance of the outdoor areas. Residents with a hankering for getting their hands dirty will be able to join the kitchen garden club or care for the plants in the orangery.

Our application and rental process

It is important that future residents of Plushusene are invested in this way of living. We talk to all applicants about this. To be considered, you will also have to provide an application stating the reasons for your desire to live in Plushusene. In the application we ask you questions about the members of your household, your accommodation requirements and your interests. You complete this form online. The form is only available in Danish (sorry), but you are welcome to complete it in English. This means that we have no conventional first-come-first-served waiting list.
You will find a link to the on-line form together with further information about the specific site.

Housing to meet different needs

Our homes cover a range of different types of housing to cater to the different requirements of residents. We offer compact homes for single occupants, couples or small families and larger homes for households requiring more space. In addition to your own home, e.g. guest rooms, fitness equipment, workshop and studio are available in the Communal House.
Most homes offer either open gardens with a patio at ground level or a balcony.

All materials, surfaces and colours for Plushusenes have been carefully selected to emphasise the life lived within the framework of Plushusene. This means that materials are easy to maintain. In the choices we have made for both the exteriors and interiors, great emphasis has been placed on a calm colour scheme, tactile materials and durability. Materials and colours have been chosen in order to create a warm and harmonious look with a timeless ambience.

We look forward to talking to you.


Best regards

Team Plushusene